What is EDEX?

EDEX is a Decentralized Ethereum Token Exchange platform that allow anyone to trade Ethereum-based tokens without any central oversight or centralized servers which control user funds.

Fastest Blockchain

EDEX runs on the Ethereum Blockchain which has significantly faster confirmation time than Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Your transactions will confirm within seconds.


Decentralized P2P blockchain trading right in your browser.Every single trade and transaction can be observed in Ethereum blockchain.

Open Source

100% Open Source,based on ETH smart contract.No limits, no barriers. No registration, no censorship.Completely decentralized

Profit Share

EDEX community partnership features will be introduced during the beta phase.Get paid or pay with ETHDEX token.


All in one trading platform with multi blockchain support. The world of decentralization.


tokens/btc= all tokens (eth and waves)
tokens/eth= only for token eth (erc20)
tokens/waves= only for waves tokens


The world of decentralized exchange platforms has seen some new and interesting competition in recent days.Most cryptocurrency users are always looking to experiment with different trading platforms. Today’s centralized platforms do not offer much in the way of variety, as virtually all platforms offer similar fees and limits these days. EDEX started from a simple idea, born from a tale of personal hands-on frustration using current centralized crypto-exchange platform and our desire to build a completely decentralized exchange platform (Currently proposed for only Ethereum based token) with better improvements.

What is ETHDEX?

ETHDEX is an ERC20 standard token on Ethereum platform that represent ownership/share for EDEX Decentralized Exchange platform (Under Development) and can be traded for BTC,ETH etc. You can pay our fee (if any) with ethdex,pay for any service where ethdex is accepted.

Ethdex token holders are the real owner of EDEX

How to Get ETHDEX?

ETHDEX is free to get from the Airdrop  or can be purchased from exchanges.check our official channel for more information.

Road To EDEX

Up to 50K Bonus!! for donor

Token Information

Contract Address: 0x038da599a137f89f49b43cd0d561d5e159058b60

Supply: 21,000,000 EDEX

Symbol: EDEX
Decimals: 8

Free Distribution

70% Airdrop
10% Bounty+15% to Donor
5% Reserved for team

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Exchange Demo

EDEX demo platform will be live here on Q1
EDEX official DEX release date (TBA)

EDEX official DEX release date (TBA)

Donor will get early access to the site

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